DC-5 Sprint Car

This is the top of the line sprint car that we make. It features the best of everything that we offer.

It has our P.R.O. (push rod option) front end...it has our Super Trans for those high hp engines of today...it has adjustable rear arms, dual rear roll center options, GT gas tank, GT throttle servo mounts, and our stand-up steering mount that accepts standard size servos. It also comes with our Dynotech sprint cage and sprint body, B4 CVD's, and a rear shock tower that accepts TC3 threaded shocks (standard shocks) or optional .71 rear shocks for slightly bumpy tracks that use buggy tires.

The chassis is well arranged with everything staying inside the cage and keeping as close to scale as possible without sacrificing handling. The chassis is made from quasi 3.5 carbon fiber for extreme rigidity and strength. We use the best materials so that your purchase will be long lasting as well as fast.

Our DC-5 already has all the options...no need to buy aftermarket parts to trick your ride...it's tricked out from the factory! All you need to race into the winners circle are the tires, wheels, shock oil, shock springs, electronics, linkage, and motor hardware (ie clutch, flywheel, engine collet, etc).

P.N. DC5SC$657.00