Dynotech Racing had its roots in the simple pleasure of running a radio-controlled toy car on any flat surface to be found. From those early days of toying and tinkering, we evolved into a part-time business that opened in 1998. Back then, most of our time was devoted to battery cell matching, motor tweaking, and a little machine work.

As our customer base grew and our involvement intensified, we found ourselves doing more and more machining, acquiring more and more machines, and getting less and less sleep. The need for more space to house the machines, and more time to enjoy life, led us to expand Dynotech into a full-time business devoted to our passion for R/C car racing.

Our success has supported the recent opening of our newly built 2500 sq ft facility in Wheatfield, Indiana. We machine all of our own carbon fiber and machine all of our aluminum parts on 3-axis CNC machining centers. We do all of our own lathe turnings as well.