Standard Sprint Car Gas Conversion Kit

We offer a competitive gas conversion for your Custom Works Enforcer. Our conversion uses the handling characteristics of the Enforcer, combined with the race proven Associated GT transmission to complete the most versatile gas sprint conversion available.

Our conversions have competed on many track surfaces, and have done extremely well. Whether on the loose tracks out West with off-road tires, or the hard-packed red clay in the East with foam tires, or even the heavy clay tracks of the Midwest with rubber tires, the cars perform very well and are easy to set up. These cars work well for everyone, veteran and rookie racers alike.

Dynotech Racing was the first and currently only manufacturer to design a sprint gas conversion using a Custom Works Enforcer and a GT transmission. We use the stock Enforcer parts you already have, including the rear arms, rear hub carriers, rear camber links, inner & outer wing pins, top link and upper top link pin. Our kit does not require your purchase of other manufacturers' parts to complete the rear suspension. The kit was also designed to use the very popular TC3 shocks for the front and rear of the car, although a front shock tower may be required in order for the shocks to work properly.

We are very proud of our conversion; it was designed from the best of both worlds, a National Champion electric sprint car and a World Champion gas truck transmission. Put both of these qualities together and you have a reliable, easy to tune gas sprint car.

P.N. CKSC$203.00